Land and Expand in the USA

In the late 80’s I had pleasure working with the then called Dutch Commissariaat Buitenlandse Investeringen in The Hague and San Francisca. As a Management Consultant I helped USA companies land and expand in Europe through The Netherlands. Pretty unknown companies at the time, Adobe Systems Europe, Symantec Europe, Silicon Graphics Europe and many others.


Today as co-founder of I am still involved in the landing and expanding of businesses in the Netherlands. But the situation has changed. Today much more startups are making the leap the other way and move from Europe into the USA. Next week during the CES event in Las Vegas 54 Dutch startups will be present at the Dutch Pavillion and be coached by Annlyz on how to successfully develop their business.

This year the NFIA or Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency exists 40 years. 40 years of helping more than 4,000 companies from 50 countries succeed in the Netherlands. Thank you NFIA for all your good work.

No doubt we will be working together more intensely in the coming 40 years!


– Robert Van Gasteren LL.M.

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