Support Services

Annlyz assists in setting up your business quickly and smoothly ensuring an accelerated and successful start.

Our Business Acceleration Support activities Include:

  • Providing tailored services, acting as your start up spearhead, offering full cycle project management.
  • Searching for the most adequate advisory specialty boutiques.
  • Performing lobbying activities.
  • Connecting with relevant public services authorities, real estate agencies, and recruitment specialists.
  • Assisting in managing administrative tasks during start up.
  • Organizing commercial and promotional events.
  • Additional services upon request.

We cover the logistics on your behalf.
Our approach is unique and cutting edge. We offer maximum flexibility in both our 24/7 availability, as well as our full access to different skills required at different stages of business relocation. You only pay for what they use at attractive prices as our network does not carry any overhead costs.

Our Executive Support Services activities include:

  • Locating proper housing.
  • Coordinating your physical move.
  • Taking care of your housing management such as selecting and managing staff, gardeners, housekeepers, care takers, etc. in your absence.
  • Offering visa support services.
  • Assisting you and your family feeling at home in your new city.
  • Assisting in finding optimal school selections for children.
  • Offering Secretarial and Personal Assistant services.
  • Additional Services upon request.

In short we act as your 'Quartermaster''.

Executive Support Services


Annlyz, continues to provide support for  Executive, Michael Sternklar, Owner of Clear Star Stables. Leading U.S. race horse stable offering a variety of Executive Support Services in event planning, chronicler/historian for horse race portfolios.


Business Acceleration Support

Susan Davenport, President of Gainesville's Chamber of Commerce at Vanad's Key to the City ceremony and grand opening of their Head Quarters.
Annlyz, was asked  by the President of the Chamber  of Commerce  to speak at a  Business Acceleration Event held in Boston to promote Gainesville, Florida.