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At Annlyz, we provide Executive and Business Acceleration Support Services for International Businesses, C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to promote and attract Foreign and Domestic Businesses into Boston and other Major U.S. Cities.  As well as expand and accelerate Boston and U.S. based businesses and startups into the Netherlands.


Our prime focus areas are Executives, Entrepreneurs and Start-up businesses either from the greater Boston area or from the greater Netherlands area (Benelux Union) , considering the big leap towards the Netherlands or into the Boston Area.

Business Acceleration

We accelerate your business success. We work fast to ensure rapid business acceleration. We have the right connections throughout disparate industries, so that we can make your business transition easy and comfortable. We work with Foreign Government Investment Agencies, Embassies, Venture Capital Firms, Professional Trade Organizations as well as individual Entrepreneurs and Executives.

Focused Business Acceleration Areas


Companies  have and are moving part or all of their headquarters into Boston for a variety of reasons .

Boston being the #1 city in the nation for fostering entrepreneurial growth and innovation, to seek the worlds best  universities and engineering talent (MIT), to be closer to the nexus of industry specific resources.

It’s no small consideration to move part or all of your company across the Atlantic. Once emboldened by favorable economic forecasting and the die is cast you will need Annlyz  to help with all the details involved in a move of such magnitude.

We have access to the finest internal staff supports, researchers ready to assist your staff with all of their questions regarding their individual move.



Annlyz has the best business acceleration network within the Netherlands, to support any move to the Netherlands. Why the Netherlands?

Innovations best has now become the Netherlands. The worlds leaders in transport, high tech startup capital, Strong economic foundation in industry and commerce offer a dependable framework for continued growth.

The Netherlands is Europe's largest startup eco-system. Its strategic location is in close proximity to multiple countries serving as a stepping stone from the US to expand globally.

Better English than any non-native population in continental Europe - with consistently excellent education. Amazon, Google, Apple, Oracle and many more have all taken steps to take advantage of this.

Executive Support Services

Our Executive Support Services focus on foreign and domestic C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs needing flexible business support services within the U.S..

Annlyz provides a basecamp and go between offering a variety of services.


Annlyz incubator space is provided by Vanad Group, the Human Engagement Company, on their Campus Ground. Steps away from the Netherlands most prestigious universities, Erasmus University and Delft University, in Capelle aan de Ijssel, the heart of the academic district and centrally located in Rotterdam, Annlyz - Rotterdam is steps away from the Hague - Rotterdam airport, a convenient hub to the rest of Europe.

Annlyz incubation premises helps expedite the migration of businesses into the Netherlands for a more rapid transition to a permanent location.


Annlyz played a role in opening Vanad's U.S. Headquarters, a leading international operating business, delivering innovative business solutions in the Netherlands, in the U.S.